Weekly Round Up | #2


I’m afraid this is a little late, buy viagra I so wanted to keep up with it and be on schedule, sickness but in all honesty I had a lovely weekend and forgot! I had a job interview today (pukey sick face) and was a little stressed Sunday/Monday evening. BUT I am now out of my smart gear, have a knitted jumper on and am ready to chat. 

Heres a little round up of my last week…

  • I finally received all of my Project Life bits. Excited was an understatement. I have already made a start, I am sure I will be doing a blog post on it soon.
  • I designed my Valentines Day cards for my shop. Click here to check them out.
  • Me and my boyfriends brothers girlfriend (mouthful!) went to a little spa for cream tea, a treatment and made use of the pool and jacuzzi. It was a christmas present to us both and it was lovely. The cream tea was amazeeeee. 
  • I have started walking, I wanted to be more active and I really enjoy walking, it gives me time to get out get some fresh air, no matter what the weather! I have been trying to do at least a mile and a half most days. It’s not a lot but it’s better than nothing?
  • Finally taking the plunge and ordering a Kikki K Planner
  • Having a massively relaxed saturday. My boyfriend plays football almost every single Saturday, which means we never get that day together. He didn’t this weekend, so we got up nice and slowly and went for a walk at this gorgeous place close to us.
  • Bacon and egg sarny. Yum.
  • Going for a walk with Laurence’s (thats the boyfriend) Brother and his girlfriend. It was a gorgeous sunny, winter day, we went on the most lovely walk, and of course headed to the pub. Ok, the walk was based around ending up at the pub. I had scampi – it was delish.
  • Going for a job interview today, I was so scared, felt sick and am still freaking out a little bit, but I did it. Thats a big step for me.

I can’t quite believe January has almost finished, scary how it flies by isn’t it. On to the next! Have a great one, I would love to hear what you have been up to in the comments : )

Love Holly x