Two Years On.

Two years on.

Why do I find it so hard to stick at something? I always have this urge to write, but can never quite push myself to take my fingers to the keyboard and type. It’s kind of funny though,  why is it so easy to browse on the internet at everyone else’s lives, but when it comes to talking about your own, it just isn’t quite so easy? It’s confronting, thats why. But god, it feels like a release too.

So much has happened since I last logged into my little space on the internet. I have lost people, met people, laughed, cried (cried a lot), but something I have learnt is that life isn’t easy, it throws challenges at you constantly, but this is all part of the journey. We were made to fight and learn how strong we really can be.

As humans I think we are programmed to be overly critical. I always have the same conversation with myself;  I could have tried harder, I should have said something different, why did I do that. I need to learn to love myself more, and stop constantly over thinking everything I do. It is such a ball ache.

As far as milestones go though, it has felt quite momentous.

  • I left a job that I was totally unhappy in.
  • I found a new job, got the job, have now been their over a year.
  • My boyfriend and I began our house hunt.
  • We got a house, we changed our minds. We found our dream house, we got it, we lost it.
  • We found another house, in our perfect location and got it! Have now been here 7 months.
  • I did the wolf run and hit over my target for two great charities.
  • I rejoined the gym.
  • Lost half a stone (no where at my goal weight, but it’s a start)
  • More recently… I no longer have a boyfriend, but I do have a FIANCE. He got down on one knee on our recently holiday to Cornwall and it was perfect.


SO… That is where I am at right now and it feels nice to put it out there.


Speak soon

Hols x

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