My Sex And The City.

It’s currently 4.18pm and i’m sat on the sofa with a half full bag of mini eggs, cialis canada and i’m clasping a warm cup of tea from my Paris mug as I sit and watch the Sex And The City (the movie). I suddenly felt inspired to get my laptop out, mind you every time I watch Sex And The City I feel inspired, it’s just Carrie Bradshaw – what a woman. I can’t be the only person that feels this way, surely ladies ? 

I just adore the program, I adore the life she leads. I mean I know it’s not real but you know, it’s good to dream. And every time I watch it I seem to transport myself into that amazing New York apartment window with my curly hair blowing from the breeze of the New York air, typing away at my laptop, talking about life, and my girlfriends and the latest on our current men.

It makes me imagine what my life could turn out like. What will I do? Where will I live? Who will my closest girlfriends be? As much as I sit here and wish I had a little crystal ball to look into and see my future I also know that that would be completely boring, I mean wheres the fun in that right? I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason, a bit like fate I guess? I think everything that has not worked out so far, hasn’t worked out because it wasn’t supposed to and because something better is going to come along. I know that people have drifted out of my life because we weren’t supposed to stay together forever, and I know that people have come into my life because they came in for a reason. I know that one day I will have my ‘New York Apartment Window’ maybe not the curly hair, damn Carrie Bradshaw and her crazy beautiful hair, but I will have my very own Sex And The City, and it’s only just beggining.

‘It’s not logic, it’s Love’ – Carrie Bradshaw.