Olivia Burton Watch | Review

So, viagra generic one day I was browsing Instagram, when I came across a watch, but not just any watch. It was so clear and classic, but had the most beautiful coloured strap as well. This to me was unusual. You don’t often find a watch with a very simple yet beautiful dial along with an amazingly beautiful coloured strap. Ever since I found that photo I continued to browse Instagram searching for ‘Olivia Burton Watches’ and 100’s and 100’s of photos came up. The best thing about finding them on Instagram is seeing them on peoples wrists. Not only do you get to see them, but you can see how they sit on your wrists, how the sizes compare and what the colours look like with different skin tones, I think all of those factors are important when choosing one. Olivia Burton Instagram                                  p.s isn’t this the most beautiful Instagram feed you have ever seen?!

Olivia Burton has a wonderful collection of beautiful and enchanting watches. The great thing about them, is they really cater for everyone. They have their classic styles, with the silver, gold and rose gold dials. There are the big dials and the small dials, they have some which come with the most beautiful designs on the faces themselves. Some animal based, some floral based and even a woodland section and they really don’t compromise on quality either. Each and everyone is beautifully crystal clear. Thats what I was so amazed by with mine. I have never really been a watch person, but after seeing how elegant these looked on peoples wrists I knew I had to have one. When I opened the very beautiful packaging may I add, they have got it just right with that, even the box is gorgeous! I was so taken back by how clear the dial was! Everyone else who saw it was too. And then there is the strap, a beautiful lilac leather strap is what I opted for. There is just something about the lilac pastel colour against silver, it’s a combination that creates something so elegant and timeless. The colour is very subtle too, so it will go with anything.Olivia-Burton-WatchOlivia-Burton-Watch-Review


This was probably one of my favourite Christmas Presents this year. It is elegant and timeless and has the power to completely change your outfit instantly. I wouldn’t be without one now. Click here to view their wonderful collections.

Love Holly x