Craft & Paper | Project Life | #1

I love paper, cialis canada I mean like actually love it. This may sound slightly peculiar to the majority of you, but I know there has to be some paper lovers out there. Don’t get me wrong, I can very easily go out shopping and find some gorgeous outfits and get crazily excited about them and the endless possibilities they may bring. However I can also walk into a Hobby Craft, or any supermarket that has a craft and stationary section and get equally as excited (if not more).

I have always loved getting stuck into creative things, sticking and tearing up paper, making mood boards, and just generally being creative. I always loved art and thrived on it at school, I practically lived in the art block, even through lunch breaks (art nerd) and although I left school a long time ago now, I still really missing having that creative little outlet, having that place to go and submerse myself in things that I loved, away from all the nasty childish behaviour in the playground.

Now, having said all of this, I do manage to get stuck into a project and somehow slowly get caught up and find the days slipping away, and before I know it I haven’t opened my ‘craft’ drawer for a long while. I’m not sure what it is, does anyone else have that problem?  I think part of the issue nowadays is that it is so easy to be stuck to your iPhone, or iPad, browsing the web, scrolling through social media news feeds, watching You Tube videos — that it becomes your ‘relaxing’ time. And then you have no time left. I need to make time. Make time for things that relax me, and help me to zone out, something that doesn’t involve being glued to my iPad or iPhone. Believe it or not fighting the urge to reach the nearest screen you can find isn’t easy.

So, what i’m trying to say through all my babbling is that I want to find something to do that I enjoy and relaxes me. I have always played with the idea of scrapbooking. I have made memoir books in the past as presents and love it, and love seeing the end result. Theres nothing nicer than having a hard copy of something to look through and remember things that might otherwise of slipped away had they not been put to paper. But don’t you find you get in SUCH a mess, like a stupid mess, a mess that surrounds the floor of the room you’re sat in, that I actually have to hop my way out of it.   Thats when I discovered Project Life by Becky Higgins. Firstly, amaaaaazzzing. The products are just gorgeous! I was instantly taken just from looking at photos of peoples pages they had made up. Becky had noticed that scrapbooking itself can sometimes seem quite overwhelming, which it totally can be. So she came up with the genius idea to simplify the process. When I say simplify, I mean simplify, no messy glue, no messy cuttings out. Just a couple of simple steps. You have the freedom to be as creative as you possibly can be, or just simply get your photos printed and slot them straight into the pockets that you buy. Either way, they look fabulous. Here are some gorgeous layouts I have found through browsing Pinterest.


This photo I found on Pinterest. It was posted by a girl called Laura, who’s blog I have fallen head over heals for. She talks about all sorts of different things, but this lead me to browse her scrapbooking page. She has some beautiful layouts and they are so inspiring. I love the light pinks, pretty fonts and girlyness she has put into it – the lace and pearls are gorgeous. Not to mention the gorgeous sparkles! Go check her blog out : )

This  layout was posted by Studio Calico – if you love paper like I do go check them out. If you want inspiration you will definitely find it there!


How gorgeous is this? I love the mixture of sparkles and pastel colours, and the gorgeous photos as well. Found on Pinterest again, you can read more about it over on Studio Calico.Project Life

Again, a Pinterest find. I adore the black and white monochrome theme, with a couple of pops of colour injected in here and there. Really demonstrates how simple the process can be, but how beautiful it can look. This layout comes from a lady named Beshka, read more about her layout at Studio Calico.

Now I just need to source and find my Project Life bits so I can get started. I’m so excited. I would love to hear about your craft projects, or if you have tried project life & how you are finding it.

Love Holly x