Two Years On.

Two years on.

Why do I find it so hard to stick at something? I always have this urge to write, but can never quite push myself to take my fingers to the keyboard and type. It’s kind of funny though,  why is it so easy to browse on the internet at everyone else’s lives, but when it comes to talking about your own, it just isn’t quite so easy? It’s confronting, thats why. But god, it feels like a release too.Continue Reading

Currently Loving | Jewellery | Monica Vinader, Pandora


Monica Vinader Blog

I have been loving a few things recently, salve particularly in the jewellery department. Seriously, medicine i’m obsessed, I only have ten fingers – I don’t think I could physically fit anymore rings on them. I just love it though, being able to totally change the way you feel or the look you want by adding jewellery.Continue Reading

Back Again | I Am Totally Rubbish!

WARNING : word vom. 

Hello world, malady or one person, being my boyfriend, reading this post… (embarrassed face)

I haven’t posted in well, months. I know, dreams and aspirations of writing, and blogging bla bla – i’m totally crap. But I’m sat on my day off (because btw, I got that job that I went for) and I just had the urge to flip out my laptop and just type. I enjoy that feeling.Continue Reading

Weekly Round Up | #2


I’m afraid this is a little late, buy viagra I so wanted to keep up with it and be on schedule, sickness but in all honesty I had a lovely weekend and forgot! I had a job interview today (pukey sick face) and was a little stressed Sunday/Monday evening. BUT I am now out of my smart gear, have a knitted jumper on and am ready to chat. Continue Reading

Weekly Round Up | #1


Hello lovely people.

I hope you have all had a great week. I am starting this weekly round up to very simply talk about how my week has been the ups, capsule and the downs, prostate because we all have them. But hopefully it will be mostly filled with ups and lovely things!

  • Going away for the night with Laurence (the boyfriend) to the wedding of some family friends. It was at the most beautiful place I have probably ever been to in my whole 22 years of life. The building was breathtaking and inside was so grande and elegant. It was so good to catch up with people, and the bride looked so beautiful. And of course, shoes were off by 9 and I danced the night away. Was the best start to the year.
  • Having a night in with my Mum. Dad was out so we decided to get a Thai take away. Thai by the way is my absolute favourite…
  • Feeling overwhelmed by job websites and job applications was not a highlight. That was a not so good day.
  • Going to Hobby Craft a good few times.
  • Handing one application form in for a job, was scary but a relief after.
  • Playing snap with my favourite little person in the world, my niece.
  • Ordering all my Project Life stuff – I can’t wait to get started! Am just trying to sort through all my photos and find somewhere to print them now.
  • Watching the program on puppies – I cannot wait to get my own.
  • Having date night. We went to the cinema to see Taken 3, which I loved. Just can’t beat a bit of Liam Neeson. And I had my second Thai of the week – oops.
  • Watching The Princess Diaries – so old school, but SO good.

Have a cosy Sunday : )

Love Holly x

Olivia Burton Watch | Review

So, viagra generic one day I was browsing Instagram, when I came across a watch, but not just any watch. It was so clear and classic, but had the most beautiful coloured strap as well. This to me was unusual. You don’t often find a watch with a very simple yet beautiful dial along with an amazingly beautiful coloured strap. Ever since I found that photo I continued to browse Instagram searching for ‘Olivia Burton Watches’ and 100’s and 100’s of photos came up. Continue Reading

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Bloglovin is the most amazing way to stalk your favourite blogs for hours on end. I have found many a blogs that I now read religiously on there.Continue Reading

Craft & Paper | Project Life | #1

I love paper, cialis canada I mean like actually love it. This may sound slightly peculiar to the majority of you, but I know there has to be some paper lovers out there. Don’t get me wrong, I can very easily go out shopping and find some gorgeous outfits and get crazily excited about them and the endless possibilities they may bring. However I can also walk into a Hobby Craft, or any supermarket that has a craft and stationary section and get equally as excited (if not more).Continue Reading


Hello, no rx and thank you if you are reading this! I am pretty new to this so please forgive me if my posts seem to come out a little jumbled up. I have dabbled in blogging before, click mainly for work purposes (my photography website) but as you can see I haven’t been at that for a little while now. I also tried over the summer and it just didn’t work, i’m not sure why – i’m going with the wrong time, wrong place thing.Continue Reading