Two Years On.

Two years on.

Why do I find it so hard to stick at something? I always have this urge to write, but can never quite push myself to take my fingers to the keyboard and type. It’s kind of funny though,  why is it so easy to browse on the internet at everyone else’s lives, but when it comes to talking about your own, it just isn’t quite so easy? It’s confronting, thats why. But god, it feels like a release too.Continue Reading


Hello, no rx and thank you if you are reading this! I am pretty new to this so please forgive me if my posts seem to come out a little jumbled up. I have dabbled in blogging before, click mainly for work purposes (my photography website) but as you can see I haven’t been at that for a little while now. I also tried over the summer and it just didn’t work, i’m not sure why – i’m going with the wrong time, wrong place thing.Continue Reading