Back Again | I Am Totally Rubbish!

WARNING : word vom. 

Hello world, malady or one person, being my boyfriend, reading this post… (embarrassed face)

I haven’t posted in well, months. I know, dreams and aspirations of writing, and blogging bla bla – i’m totally crap. But I’m sat on my day off (because btw, I got that job that I went for) and I just had the urge to flip out my laptop and just type. I enjoy that feeling.Continue Reading

My Sex And The City.

It’s currently 4.18pm and i’m sat on the sofa with a half full bag of mini eggs, cialis canada and i’m clasping a warm cup of tea from my Paris mug as I sit and watch the Sex And The City (the movie). I suddenly felt inspired to get my laptop out, mind you every time I watch Sex And The City I feel inspired, it’s just Carrie Bradshaw – what a woman. I can’t be the only person that feels this way, surely ladies ? Continue Reading

Dear Diary | A Little Bit Of Truth.

Dear Diary, generic cialis

I sit here and try and think of a title for this blog post. I try and think of a subject and purpose for this post, prescription and I have nothing. I feel it is just going to be a bit of word vomit. Vomit being the main thought right now, I feel sick. I sit and scroll through job websites, looking and searching, and all the words just move down the screen like people walking past you on a busy street – quick, rushed and with no acknowledgment of anyone else around them. Selfish. Continue Reading