HI! I’m Holly.

I am 22 years of age, ampoule just a normal girl finding her way through the big wide world. I am excited to use this little corner on the internet to babble talk, sildenafil and document the little things that make me happy, the big things that happen and any other things that interest me.

I enjoy anything that involves crafting & being creative, I am awful at maths, I get easily excited by handbags and over sized jumpers, I love being by the sea side, Enjoy getting cold outside on long walks and coming home to big pyjama’s and a warm cup of tea, I have a very slight love for notebooks & various other things that fall into the stationary category, I love taking photographs. I have a deep rooted love for dance and classical music that will never die, because no real love really dies, does it?

I recently set up a tiny Etsy shop full of hand made greeting cards and notebooks too.

Holly x